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Issue 85 Star Trek Day and DC Fandome reviews and more

Kane and Mike review DC Fandome and Star Trek day. Also Review Dune Trailer

Issue 84

Mike and Kane review latest news and Geek universe rumors. 

Issue 83 - Tribute to Chadwick Boseman and Remake Movies

The Asylum pays tribute to Chadwick Boseman. They also discuss the changing world of remakes and reimagined movies and TV series Get to the Asylum

Issue 82 Review of DC Fandome

Mike and Kane discuss all the news and announcements from DC Fandome from the past weekend.





Issue 81 DC News and Tron

Mike and Kane discuss latest news and rumors, From DC making cuts to the Avatar The Last Airbender's creators leaving Netflix show. Get to the Asylum




Issue 80 Kane vs K.A.R.R.

Mike and Kane cover latest new and rumors. Everything from the Return of K.I.T.T. to Sandman on Netflix. Check us out on Twitter and Facebook. Get to the Asylum.


Issue 79

Mike and Kane review latest rumors and news From EA Games and Transformer Siege of Cybertron Netflix series and much More!!! Get to the Asylum https://streamerlinks.com/Heroes_Asylum

Issue 78 Recap of SDCC and News

Kane and Mike cover the last 2 days of SDCC 2020 and other news/rumors released this week. "Get to the Asylum" https://streamerlinks.com/Heroes_Asylum

Issue 77 Kane Vs Beast Wars

This week we review latest news of Adam Smasher joins the DCEU, Giancarlo Esposito possibly cast as Dr Doom and more news and rumors from the heads of the Asylum


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Issue 76 DC Rumors get Smashed

Kane and Mike discuss the latest News that DC rumors that dropped in the last 2 weeks, The talk of a GCPD show to tie into The Batman Universe and much more. 

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